Check out the links to past guests’ links and other pertinent websites that we deem awesome! – The Rock and Roll Detective, Jim Berkenstadt and his latest book is The Beatle Who Vanished – Reed Timmer frmly of Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers and crew is putting together an exciting, new web series called Tornado Chasers. – Howie Noel – contact him to get your own caricature as seen on our home page! Howie does the cartoon work you see in TAPS Paramagazine (Tara Normal). – Country singer/songwriter Greg Austin. – Hattie from TLC’s Strange Sex: Cougars and Cubs. Also see - Barbara Minty McQueen, widow of Steve McQueen. - Jacqui Brown – author of “Bitch, Please!” (a book about menopause) – Hephystus – heavy metal band out of NC. - Cougar Ace – 2 man bluesy/rock band out of KY. – Carl Worner and his web series, Dating on Mars. - The Booth Brothers – filmmakers, directors, and producers extraordinaire. – Artist who wrote our theme song, Cougar Thriller. Find and play it at the bottom of the Home page. – Actor/comedian, David Golshan. – Creator of, James McGibney.  – Canadian musician, Ricky J. – Stylist/actor, Paul Wharton. – Comedienne, Susan Graham. – Adult entertainer, Nina Hartley. – British actor, Martin Delaney. – All-male dance revue, The Chippendales in Las Vegas. (Linda MacDonald, #259) – Adult toys. – Chris Burney from TLC’s Strange Sex. – The band, DIVE out of PA. Listen to their music here. – Author, Brandelyn Castine. – Designer, DaMarcus Morton. – Author, Jodi Ambrose. – Jeff Timmons, musician, formerly of 98 Degrees. – Mike Holman of MTV’s Jackass, horror movies, Haggard, Mountain Mafia, and the 4th installment of the Deadly Dares series.



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