ANDREA CARDER, Entertainment Correspondent













Andrea was born and raised in Toronto ON Canada, and has lived all over her huge, beautiful province. She travels the world visiting notoriously haunted locations looking for personal paranormal experiences and stories. She has a fabulous love of haute couture and shares her passion for pets with her husband of 7yrs; they have a full menagerie of cats, dogs and even a parrot. To call Andrea’s childhood difficult would be an understatement. Her struggles with peers and family made her have to grow up quickly. She left home at 16 and was disowned. Somehow, she was able to take the hardships endured and use them to her advantage and become a strong, confident, successful woman. She currently resides in Canada.

She will be joining us on the first Monday of each month to discuss the latest & juciest entertainment news.


JODI AMBROSE, Author, Relationship Correspondent

Jodi is the author of Sex: How to get more of it and Intimacy: How to get more of it. She is an ex-80′s rocker chic who recognized just how different men and women reacted to the same situations so she began taking notes. She brings many of her own experiences to the books.


CYNTHIA HENDERSON, M.Ed., Relationship Correspondent.

Life Coach/Relationship Expert
Founder & CEO Game4Lovers

Life Coach and Relationship Expert Cynthia Henderson holds a B.S. in Social Work from Tuskegee University and a Master’s in Higher Education Administration from Auburn University. Audiences will be familiar with Henderson as the founder of the erotic Game4Lovers which she created as a way of encouraging couples to reconnect with one another in a fun, sexy and creative way. Henderson has always believed that releasing the imagination is the most important part of experiencing awesome love-making…more intimate, more passionate, more satisfying. As a life coach and former higher education administrator, she has seen so many couples searching for ways to enjoy each other, relax, relate, and appreciate the love they have.



FRANK CINELLI, Medical Correspondent

Frank Cinelli has been practicing alternative medicine for 18 years. He uses bioenergetic testing along with laser and light therapies and has a PhD in Biotechnology and certificates in Bio Stress Technique, Intracellular Communication, Bioset, Reiki, and other types of energy work. He is well versed in homeopathy, nutrition, vitamins, herbs and minerals, along with bio identical hormones. Please visit his facebook page, Vitamin Pharmacy.




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